"Education is the most powerful weapon which you can use to change the world." - Nelson Mandela

About PRIDE Museum

PRIDE Museum is on the move in Silicon Valley and the Bay Area, inspiring a new generation of youth to explore careers in technology and science by engaging the abundance of opportunities and the wonders of innovation right here in their community. At PRIDE Museum we really do get around.

PRIDE Museum is a nonprofit 501(c)(3) organization in motion that delivers exposure to youth (Grades K-12) on technology and science education with a focus on the contributions of African American innovators to Silicon Valley. Through leadership, education and support we inspire youth to embrace new concepts and emerging technology, build strong interpersonal skills, positive social friendships, establish goals, follow through on commitments, understand their obligation to contribute to the success of our society and instill a sense of hope in the future.

PRIDE Museum Learning Programs are FREE to youth. Our community partnerships with museums, planetariums, space centers, corporations, laboratories, universities, libraries, civic organizations, volunteer professionals, etc., provide our group with personal tours and special events to continuously explore the varied & extensive educational services available from their public and private venues.

Learning Programs and Annual Vision Contests

PRIDE Museum consists of five (5) essential Learning Programs and an Annual Vision Contest. We provide a well rounded intellectual and social experience for youth by rotating through the main components, alternating their exposure to lecture with interactive activities, to achieve our objective of promoting and increasing the technology and science knowledge of participants. Activities are tactically designed to push the interest buttons of youth, many of them who spend hours and hours operating computer devices such as laptop computers, handheld computers, game consoles and other digital devices.

Today’s youth are familiar with many of the tools of technology, but just as important is the need to understand the systems that create them and the impacts that result from their use. To excel in this technological age they will need adaptive skills, creativity and lifelong learning attitudes. Understanding that the forward thinkers who create remarkable technological inventions are people who know how to learn, reason, make decisions, apply knowledge, communicate well and work in teams will help them realize what is needed within themselves to develop lives that are meaningful, prosperous and enduring.

The new winners in the job market are those who can show their flexibility and curiosity. They have grown up adept at doing multiple things, taking on current technologies to communicate in today’s world. Companies aren’t hiring for a specific position, but rather for people who are smart with high-end, valuable skills. It's the key toward permanent high-paid employment.

PRIDE Museum introduces youth to technical and scientific concepts, trains to use advanced internet tools and provides encouragement along with instruction by volunteer educators and professionals who actually work with today’s technology and are presently at work building the virtual reality that is leading us into the next millennium. Youth intellects will be broadened to grasp emerging technologies such as, electronic climate control, advanced computer technology, wireless communication, green technologies, digital and fiber-optic networking, green vehicles and mass transit, global warming, online marketplace, space exploration and colonization, web development, intelligent machines and ultimately understand the jobs of the future may not even exist today, but they possess the brain power to invent them.

Our goal at PRIDE Museum is to provide exposure to the learning tools and revelations of technology and science education for youth from elementary through high school. Technology has affected almost every walk of life and the influx of technology has made learning easier and far reaching in its approach. Websites, wikis and blogs not only enhance the learning process but also make educational material within reach 24/7. Easy access of the internet using various micro gadgets like mobile devices, iPhones, laptops, iPads, tablets and netbooks have brought a revolution in the lives of modern youth. Today’s youth are addicted to the internet, computers and gadgets – and they want to be challenged MORE!

PRIDE Museum maximizes the impact of our services with outreach to our network of supporters and volunteers, utilizing expertise within Silicon Valley’s leading technology, biotechnology, pharmaceutical, biopharmaceutical and biomedical corporations, biotech associations, academic institutions, nonprofit organizations, and other essential exchanges whose collective mission is to sustain and help grow our life sciences industry.