"Pictures can live in one's memory. That's why they are important." - Jesse Jackson

About This Site

The PRIDE Museum website is a visually stimulating and captivating depiction of the aspirations of our youth organization. Our purpose is to challenge youth to become visionaries, futuristic inventors and global citizens who are poised to make positive changes in the world.

PRIDE Museum uses the website as a vehicle to perform its mission of expanding educational perspectives on technology and science for youth in Silicon Valley.

We view the website as a passageway for youth to grasp awareness of our essential programs and a place that provides compelling information and unique opportunities for learning and personal growth for all who visit the site.

PRIDE Museum members are informed of meeting logistics, notices, updates and special events through the website. Members use a personal login to communicate directly with staff on the website.

The website compels youth to fully realize the magnitude of influence that African American technological and scientific inventiveness adds to the success of Silicon Valley. The collective intelligence of its residents, universities, and research centers, has made Silicon Valley the innovation capital of the nation. From the early 1930s right to the present, Silicon Valley has been defined more by the technology and entrepreneurial mindset it cultivates than for its geographic limitations. This valley is the major technological center of the world, creating one of the most unique business ecosystems on the planet and the greatest combination of brainpower and wealth the world has ever seen.

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We would like to thank those who have helped create this site.
There is simply no measure of the inspiration and assistance we derived from online educational resources. We are enormously grateful to the community of historians, researchers, publishers and entities who ensure that valuable and current information is available to the public. Our journey in the development of PRIDE Museum has taught us to appreciate the fervor and esteem felt by others towards their specific projects.