A gadget is a mechanical contrivance or device; an object that is interesting for its ingenuity.


Today, sophisticated gadgets are an essential part of our personal toolkit. They enhance our lives by providing innovations to help us live and work more comfortably, and we continuously search out the hottest, latest, coolest, unusual, high-tech devices to satisfy our natural curiosity for mechanical devices.

PRIDE Museum’s GadgetTree is an engaging Learning Program that sheds light on modern technology tools currently in the marketplace and offers a peek at emerging technology in the queue. With the guidance and expertise of industry professionals, we explore their uses and understand how they sync with other technologies, which mobile devices and apps are best suited for education, why gadgets are replacing laptops and internet access...and more!

Tech out...WHY?

Today we are surrounded by gadget devices, and in fact, we have become so dependent on these gadgets that it will be impossible for us to survive without them. As the needs of society became more complex, inventors developed devices which would not only make the life of an individual easier, but it would make that individual stand out among others for using it. Youth are a large market audience for gadgets, especially those that relate to music, movies and games. These gadgets come in different shapes and sizes, and are so portable they can be taken just about anywhere and used whenever they are needed. Many prominent companies in Silicon Valley sell and manufacture the devices and more educators and parents are beginning to see that the handy little gadgets can benefit students too. PDA's (personal digital assistants) are small enough to hold in one hand and lightweight enough to carry in a pocket. Gadgets also aid youth in their progression from playtime to education and studies find as a result of using gadgets, they have better concentration, can process visual information more quickly and have sharper hand-eye coordination -- all beneficial skills when using advanced technology tools.

PRIDE Museum facilitates periodic demonstrations on the capabilities of emerging technological devices, conducted by industry professionals and manufacturing representatives for the benefit of youth and parents.