A Mind Map gives structure to fuzzy ideas, organizes, and prioritizes, giving clear visual connections.

Mind Map

Mind Mapping is a thought process that improves creativity and provides better inspirations. PRIDE Museum’s Mind Map encompasses the geography of Silicon Valley. By way of frequent road excursions, youth begin to learn the unique physical layout of Silicon Valley. Visits to technical and scientific museums produce a comfort level with familiar sights and landscapes. Hi-tech corporation buildings become landmarks and their strategic positioning to other corporations and services begin to makes sense.

PRIDE Museum’s Mind Map is an absorbing Learning Program based on community partnerships with local technology museums and scientific exhibitions. The FREE and discounted youth packages afforded to PRIDE Museum members, enable us to participate in a stream of informative and challenging demonstrations – as we attend sessions with curiosity, concentration and regularity. These groups of technology and science museums are singularly focused on inspiring the innovator in everyone. Hands-on and interactive exhibits, divided among themed galleries, offer youth a truly memorable experience. Technology museums bring a unique comprehensive Silicon Valley experience with interactive experiences in genetics, earth sciences, alternative energy, virtual design, microchips and lots more.

Tech out...WHERE?

Aquarium Of The Bay
Chabot Space & Science Center
Computer Museum History Center
Fujitsu Planetarium at De Anza College
Golden Gate Railroad Museum
Happy Hollow Park & Zoo
Hiller Aviation Museum
History San José
Intel Museum
Iron Man Museum
Lawrence Hall of Science
Lawrence Livermore National Laboratory
Lindsay Wildlife Museum
Monterey Bay Aquarium
Museum of African Diaspora
NASA Ames Exploration Center
National Steinbeck Center
Randall Museum
Ripley's Believe It or Not Museum
Rosicrucian Museum
San Jose Public Library
Stanford Linear Accelerator Laboratory
The Cartoon Art Museum
The Rosicrucian Egyptian Museum
The Tech Museum of Innovation
Zeum/Children's Creativity Museum