Vision Contest: "What in the World Do We Need?"

Vision Contest

PRIDE Museum presents its noteworthy Annual Multimedia Contest which is conducted during the month of October.

Youth are invited to flex their critical thinking, imagination and artistic skills to design a multimedia concept that illustrates the use of innovation to create something the world truly needs.


“You are in a position to effect change in the world. This is an opportunity to use your talents, give your perspective and lift your voice. We're looking for inspiring and creative answers from young voices in communities across Silicon Valley and the Bay Area. However you best express yourself, tell us – what in the world do we need?”

Win a $200 Cash Award
Everyone who enters has a chance to win one $200 cash award. Submit your entry by October 31st. No Entry Fee!


  • Purpose: Design a multimedia concept of your vision that uses innovation to create something the world truly needs.
  • Audience: Elementary school, middle school and high school youths
  • Contest Dates: October 1 – 31
  • Cash prizes will be awarded to one (1) individual from each of the following grade levels: (4 – 6) (7 – 9) (10 – 12).


  1. Open to elementary school, middle school and high school youths.
  2. Written entries must be no more than 600 words. There is no minimum length.
  3. Include with your submission:
        -Full name
        -Full address (will not be displayed publicly)
        -How you heard about this contest (either the name of the youth program you are participating in and/or person who told you about the contest).
  4. Digital submissions with file sizes of less than 10 MB may be emailed to
  5. All other submissions may be mailed as hard copies. Hard copy materials will not be returned to you, so please send photocopies of your original writing or artwork. Please mail submissions to:
        PRIDE Museum
        Vision Contest
        4101 Dublin Blvd. F202
        Dublin, CA 94568

Entries must be submitted and postmarked by October 31st. Winners will be notified by December 5th.


  1. Concepts will be judged in each of the three grade categories (4 -6) (7 – 9) (10 – 12).
  2. Any variety of multimedia mediums may be used to create a presentation: Drawing, Web Design, Graphic Design, Video, Photography, Essay, Short Story, Poem, Song
  3. The artist's name may not appear on the front of the presentation.
  4. Only one (1) submission per youth.
  5. Qualified entries will be reviewed and evaluated by the Judging Panel based on the following criteria: Creativity (25%), Visual Appeal (25%), and Overall impact (50%).

One submission per student will be eligible to win one $200 award to use toward educational needs or goals. Submissions must be original work. Submissions from family members of PRIDE Museum employees are not eligible. Winning entries will be notified prior to publishing. Winning entries will be published along with your first name and last initial and city and state of residence on PRIDE Museum’s social media channels and website. No other personal information will be displayed for the general public. First name, age, city and state will be attributed to all submissions published, along with the name of the related community-based organization, if applicable. We discourage the use of your full name, address and any private information in videos. PRIDE Museum reserves the right to refuse an entry prior to publication or to withdraw an entry after it has been publicized for failure to comply with contest rules.

Visit HERE for the latest information about the Vision Contest.